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A Closer Look: Rainbow Fluorite

Have you ever noticed some days you have a strong pull to a certain crystal and other days you can’t get enough of another? Each crystal and gemstone emits a certain energetic vibration, when we are lacking or in need of certain energies this crystals will often draw us towards them. One of my most recent obsessions has been Rainbow Fluorite. I first discovered Rainbow Fluorite a few months ago while scrolling through Pinterest. I was immediately drawn in to the beautiful array of colors, the blues, purples, and greens flowing through each other so majestically. I had never seen a stone so beautiful.. I knew I had to have this in my collection. When I received my fluorite I was not disappointing in the stunning luminescence of this stone. Each piece was perfect and completely different from the rest. The energy was intense, calm, and exactly what I needed.

I quickly began wrapping my stones and wearing them every time they called for me. The days I wore my Fluorite pieces tend to be those where I know I need some balance, life is chaotic, my anxieties are high or I feel as though I need addition protection from negative energies.

As I began learning about the properties of Fluorite it made complete sense why this was a stone I was completely enthralled with, beyond its magical physical appearance Fluorite is probably one of the most versatile stones I’ve come across in my journey. Fluorite can be found pretty much all over the world. It’s internal crystalline structure is isometric, which means it has an interior cubic structure. Isometrics structured crystals are often used to amplify energies or improve situations (Frazier 2017). Fluorite comes in many colors, however my favorite is Rainbow, which is why we will focus mostly on this type of fluorite. Rainbow Fluorite contains all the colors! Which also means it does all the things! Having the array of multiple colors provides stimulation to multiple chakras. Fluorite provides stimulation to four different chakras, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Fluorite is an overall stone of balance and stability. Promoting balance within your chakras, your mind, physical, and spiritual bodies. Fluorite cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganizes anything within the mind and body that is not in order. It draws off negative energies and energies of stress or anxiety as well as providing psychic protection (Hall 2003). Keeping fluorite around can help when life gets to be chaotic. It provides calming energies to get you through whatever situation the Universe has placed before you. In the madness of 2020 anything that can calm chaos is welcome in my book! Fluorite is also known as a stone of focus, which is probably one of my favorite properties. I’m often preoccupied with a million things on my mind, so being able to have a little assistance in focusing on the things I need to is a blessing. With relation the the Third Eye Fluorite can be an intense spiritual stone. It provides a closer connection to the divine and can make you more aware of higher spiritual realities. Often times working with Fluorite can bring suppressed feelings to the surface and quicken the process of a spiritual awakening (Hall 2003). Anyone who has experienced a spiritual awakening knows how crucial it is to be able to have some sort of balance or something to be able to hold on to during that process. I’ve been very thankful for my Fluorite in the last few weeks as I am right in the middle of a pretty intense awakening and karmic shift. Having something to keep me in line when I feel the most tangled up is a total relief.

If you’re looking for a stone with versatile properties and healing abilities across the board this is definitely one I suggest looking into. Fluorite enthralls you immediately with it’s radiant beauty, calms chaos, strengthens focus, and balances your spiritual alignment. A true gift from Gaia, I am very glad I chose to add this to my collection! Light and Love

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