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How Do Crystals Even Work?

Crystals are just extra pretty rocks, right? Wrong. Crystals and other stones can hold energies and vibrations which are able to change and raise our own personal vibrations. How does this work? It’s a rock….. Science has taught us that everything is made of energy and holds and energetic vibration. Crystals and stones are no exception to this. The energetic vibration of most crystals and stones tend to be higher than the natural vibrations of our human bodies, this is why surrounding ourselves with crystals can raise our personal vibrations.

You’ve heard of a Quartz Watch, correct?What if I told you the mechanism that makes that watch function is a tiny piece of quartz crystal? When mechanical stress is applied to certain crystals and stones, such as a clear Quartz it can create an electrical current/voltage, this is called Piezoelectricity. You can experience this yourself by hold a quartz or other crystal tightly in your hand. You’ll notice it will become very warm. By applying stress to the stone is causes the electromagnetic forces to come alive.

People and civilizations have been using the healing power of crystals for thousands of years, from Mesopotamia to Egypt to the Greeks and Romans. Crystals are believed to carry them Universal Energy of the Earth, otherwise known as Chi. These stones have been forming and reforming in the Earth for millions of years and are believed by Many cultures to hold onto some of the most ancient forms of energy.

Why does having a high vibration matter? Having a higher vibrations allows fo us to be able to advance spiritually and to move our lives in more positive directions, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. As humans we have a tendency to become “out of whack” or unbalanced, due to our surroundings, life factors, stress, and well just everything around us. Surrounding yourself with or carrying crystals can assist in creating a vibrational balance for you. In order to balance our energies we nee to be able to remove or absorb whatever energy we have excess of (anxiety, depression, fear) and to increase the energies we lack (Motivation, abundance, peace). By adjusting the energy flow crystals are able to help us optimize our overall well being. At the end of the day, at least for me, even if none of this were true surrounding myself with beautiful stones has a calming affect all in its own. Nothing can quite beat the natural beauty of something straight from Mother Earth.

Light and Love my friends!

Stay Blessed!

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